Who we are…

We are both trained Doctors of Chiropractic, but we want you to forget that for a second. We say this not because we don’t love being Chiropractors, but we have found that the minute we say ‘Chiropractor’ people automatically assume a stereotype of who we are and what we do.

We’ve both been under various forms of chiropractic care since childhood and believe that we’ve lived healthier, happier lives as a result. We had the opportunity to introduce both of our children to this holistic lifestyle.  Although our first son was born several months prematurely, our trust in the wisdom of the body helped to inform our decisions and continue to help him thrive.  Today, he is active, willful and curious about the world!

We joined forces and took over KWC in March of 2017 from Drs. Marylyn and Charlie Hilston. We are so excited to be in the community and have had such a warm and loving welcome from all!

What we actually do is help people, like you, to live a life that they love.

Here’s how…

We are committed to helping you Discover the gifts in everyday challenges, Transform those challenges into opportunities for growth, Awaken  to your highest potential, and Integrate your experiences to consistently live a joyful life.

Our core philosophy is that the body has an Innate Intelligence that wants us to thrive.  This intelligence uses the nervous system to orchestrate and coordinate the functions of every muscle, every organ, and every system in the body in order to achieve a state of harmony.

Honestly, the best explanation that we’ve ever found comes from our friends at School House Rock…

When the nervous system is overwhelmed by the chemical, mental, physical and emotional stressors of our daily lives, we may experience signs and symptoms of dis-ease.  Our technique, Network Spinal works to create conscious awareness in your body and life, better allowing you to connect to, and release these tensions in order to live a happier and healthier life.

We are passionate about helping individuals, families, and our community to live a conscious lifestyle of authenticity, passion, and well-being. 

Both Drs. Matt and Allison are alumni of Life University in Marietta, GA.

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