There’s Food and THEN there’s NOURISHMENT….

By Antanas Vainius

For the body, for the heart, for the whole being and for US as a community. During these changing times, getting support is vital, and true nourishment is one way to get that, whether it comes through food or connection – to self, to other or to Nature.  When it comes to food, our industrial food system doesn’t produce much in the way of nourishing things to consume. Plus the over stimulation of our social media/news cycle culture makes it hard to know what truly feels good or what we’re using for temporary relief. 

I assure you, we really do know what’s nourishing. It’s IN our cells, in our memory; our grandmothers knew. The fake foods with the over stimulation often sends us into feeling confused, overwhelmed and hungry. And then we’re a thought away from anxiety or fight-flight reaction. Real nourishment, made from whole unprocessed ingredients, prepared following timeless principles that optimizes nutrition and bio-availability of nutrients calms and soothes our nervous systems and our bodies.

There seems to be a connection between using timeless nutrition optimizing principles (soaking, sprouting, fermenting, low-temp drying) and soothing our biology. Of course we are all familiar with comfort foods: eating to soothe, discharge, escape; though something else seems to happen when we choose food that has been prepared to be awakened and have its nutrients ready for our bodies and cells to absorb. It’s as if there’s a snug fit between the bioavailable nutrients and the receptors in our cells – like a favorite loveseat.  That snugness translates to comfort for our different systems (nervous, immune and endocrine) affected by the fight/flight response guiding them back into regulation.


Then we’re ready to connect and experience emotional nourishment which continues to move us toward interpersonal regulation.  So when our individual fight or flight response is handled, the world looks different. We feel safer, more creative, more resourced. That’s when we have the opportunity to experience nourishment on a WHOLE OTHER level.  The nourishment of connection becomes available to us. There are different levels of this — but getting into ‘WeSpace’ with folks is a kind of ‘deep-connection’ nourishment that nourishes like nothing else. The easiest way to describe WeSpace is that All of you is welcome.  Truly all of you — the good parts AND the unattractive, embarrassed, ashamed, scared, confused….allowed invited and accepted authentically. Imagine that oasis for a minute — notice how your body feels, knowing that you wouldn’t have to hide any part of you. In fact, All of you is welcome.


Once we consciously choose to relate that way,  something magical happens — our collective nervous system shifts from fight/flight into pure positive potential and possibility based on this authentic relating in We-Space. 


So if you want to remember what nourishment feels like for your body, for you mind, and your soul, come join us for some re-calibration. The good we do for ourselves, ripples into the good we do for the Whole of our community and humanity. Isn’t it time to stop settling for food and choose to  be nourished?


Here are three suggestions to stay self-regulated.  See if you can notice when you start to feel ‘off’: 


  • take a breath and slow the exhale way down, because slowing down and focusing on the exhale helps turn off the fight/flight response
  • get something nourishing (or not nourishing) to eat. The goal is not to be perfect. Just get the job done as best as we can manage.
  • muster up the courage to find someone who can truly be with you and welcome ‘All of you’.


Once you feel, All back, notice how that was for you. Bringing awareness to your mini-journey, can help you keep yourself in dynamic balance, ready for whatever comes.